Why Chose Blogging As A Source Of Passive Income?

Blogging isn’t for everyone, but for those who have a creative streak and stuff to say on a certain topic, it can be the prefect platform. Here’s why we love blogging:

#1: Blogging is whatever you want it to be: It’s a platform that you can use as you wish, from documenting your adventures, through collecting and writing about your favourite healthcare products to sharing your knowledge on a specific subject.
#2: It’s a creative outlet: You can use text, images and videos and play around with graphics and formatting all day. It can get very addictive.
#3: Works with every niche: There’s no niche under the sun that you can’t create and use blog content for. So even if you haven’t quite decided on a niche or product you’d like to start promoting, playing around with your blog is the best way to get going!

Case Study: How I made $14,000 In One Month

Check out how Jorden Roper makes a living from her blog in the video below.

You can enrol in her free blogging course here OR grab your free copy of her profitable blog planner here

Let’s Get Cracking!

#1 If you feel today’s the day to start YOUR blogging career, check out our Setting Up The Platform & Website tutorial post.
#2 Have no idea where to start? Check out our Choosing Your Niche post for step by step advice on deciding your blog and brand identity.
#3 Not sure how all this is going to make you money? Check out our Choosing Your Product post that will run you through how to sign up to affiliate networks and start earning commission.
#4 Or if you’ve already got a blog but feel like you could use a few tips on how to drive traffic to your articles, check out our Driving Traffic To Your Blog Posts post.

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