36 Month Cloud Mining Contract VS A Regular Savings Account

36 Month Cloud Mining Contract VS A Regular Savings Account

The first thing anyone ever does with their extra cash is put it in a savings account in hopes of keeping it safe and earning a bit of interest in the meantime. But you’d be silly to leave your hard earned cash dusting in a savings account, when you could have that money sat elsewhere…at current rates tripling its worth in 3 years.

We’ve pitted the interest rate of an average savings account against a crypto mining contract with Invia World, and the numbers speak for themselves.

3500 EUR Invested In A Cloud Mining Contract

Though you can get strated for $100, we’ve decided to use a $3500 miner package on Invia World as an example.

You get 115 Mh/s mining power that gives you an income of approximately $10.12 on a daily basis (Invia World Review by Crytomag24). According to these figures from 10th October 2017, by the end of the first year of your contract you’ll have made your investment back, doubling it by the end of the second year and reaching an approximate 216% ROI (return of investment) of $7,579 by the end of your three years.

3500 EUR Invested In An Average Savings Account

We took the savings account with the highest AER (annual equivalent rate) from Money Supermarket (that is 2.16%) to illustrate its earning potential, and used The Calculator Site’s compound interest calculator for the figures below. 

By the end of the three years you will have earned a total of $231.73 in interest, an ROI (return of investment) of 6.62%.

Get Started From Only 100 EUR

We have used a standard mining package of $3500 to illustrate the numbers and earning potential, however opening an account is free and you can start as low as $100 to test the waters.

#1 Sign up for a 30 day FREE trial (no card details needed)
#2 Low buy in rates starting at $100
#3 14 day money back guarantee
#4 Passive and active money making option

Read more on mining contracts here.


As crypto currencies are volatile in nature, we cannot guarantee the same results for you. You could make more, but you could also make less. Go Passive is not a financial advisory website so takes no responsibility for the outcome of your investment, and urges anyone interested to only invest as much as they can afford to lose.

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