8 Crypto Currency & Mining FAQs Answered

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding crypto currencies and cloud mining. Is it a scam? Why are people so obsessed? What even is it? We have answered the most frequently asked questions below to help decide whether crypto mining is the right source of passive income for you.

1: What Are Crypto Currencies And What Is Crypto Mining?

Cryptocurrency = Form Of Digital Payment: Crypto currencies are a form of digital payment that have been created exclusively by private individuals as opposed to central institutions.
Crypto Cloud Mining = Quasi Banking System: Miners are in effect “bankers” of the system and are paid a bonus for creating, verifying and maintaining the digital ledger (blockchain) via their purchased hashpower.

2: How Do You Earn A Passive Income From Mining?

You purchase a mining contract (starting from $100) which buys you a certain amount of hashpower from their mining rigs (computers) that calculate and verify crypto currency transactions. Look at it as a peer-to-peer system, where you’re investing in equipment maintained by specialists, and the more hashpower you buy the more you will earn.

Assumption 1: Bitcoin value does not rise any more. IF you invest €600 into mining power, it is estimated to return the investment within on year and work for another two years making extra €1,200 (200%) as profit.
Assumption 2: Bitcoin value rises 50 x in the next 5 to 10 years. IF you invest €600 into mining power, AND WAIT 5 to 10 YEARS without taking our your earnings, you can end up with a profit of €89,400 (15,000%).

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3: How Do You Earn An Active Income From Mining?

#1 Referrals: You receive a referral link when you sign up to Invia World, and receive 7% commission on anyone who purchases a contract via your link. This is not compulsory but a great way to make a short(er) term income from mining.
#2 Reinvesting: You can either reinvest these bonuses and buy more mining computers to increase future profit, or have the possibility to take them out on a daily basis.


4: What Are The Risks Of Investing In Mining Contracts?

Assumption 1: “Is it a ponzi scheme that generates huge returns for older investors by acquiring new investors?”

We cannot be 100% sure, but the arguments for it all being legit are as follows:

#1 EU Registered: The company registered in the EU (not off-shore).
#2 Under Financial Supervision: Audits are being carried out by Ernst & Young (accounting control) and financial Market Authority Austria approbation.
#3 Bringing Out Own Credit Card: INVIA will be bringing out its own credit card, and this has to be authorised by VISA at the very least.

Assumption 2: “Is the bitcoin price rise is a bubble?” – many money experts say that it is.
Assumption 3: “Are crypto currencies game changers? – many businessman including Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Bill Gates of Microsoft say they are.

Though we cannot be 100% sure, we believe these visionary businessman and have been willing to risk money on it. Our angle is that it is bigger risk missing out of what is potentially the future than losing a bit of money. But obviously as no one can predict the future, we strongly urge everyone to (and have done so ourselves) to only invest as much as they can afford to lose.

5: What Is Invia World?

#1 Austria Based Company: with a team of investors, technicians and people who have been dealing with crypto currencies and mining for years.
#2 Cloud Mining Service Provider: They provide a service that allows people who aren’t experts (like you and me) to participate in the growing market and expand their business in the process.

6: How Are They Different?

Actively Managed Mining Mix: With the use of their unique software that scans the market for the most profitable crypto currency, they are able to mine the most profitable currencies on a daily basis.

7: Why Mine With INVIA World?

#1 Market Leading Software: They operate with the newest hardware on the market.
#2 Mining Mix: They mine the most profitable crypto currency on a daily basis with the help of their advanced software.
#3 Best ROI: Best return on investment for 36 months (approximately 200% ROI).
#4 MLM Opportunity: You are provided with a referral link on registration (7% commission for first level).


8: What Do I Need To Start Mining With Invia World?

Step 1 Register for mining: You can do so here for free, and once you set up your Invia account you have 30 days to get to know the back office and chose a mining contract.
Step 2 Chose a package: You can do so under the “shop” tab on the left hand side of your dashboard, for which you can pay by bank transfer or bitcoin.
Step 3 Drive traffic to your referral link: For those who will be active marketers, develop an advertising strategy. You can read more on how to drive traffic to your referral link here.
Step 4 Access your earnings: To access your earnings you’ll need to set up a Bitcoin Wallet, which you can do from you INVIA dashboard.
Step 5 Securely store your earnings: We use Advanced Cash to do this, which also allows you to exchange your cryptocurrency to other currences e.g. EUR, USD, GBP. You can do so here.

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