About Us


Hey, We’re Go Passive!

We’re Gee & Andy, a 31 year old couple who love to surf, snowboard and travel. We started Go Passive after working 5 years as seasonnaires for minimum wage and decided our lifestyle needs a little bit more than that. We started researching ways to make money online, and have decided to share with you the different ways we have found to work for us and finance our life of sport and travel.

What We Do

We collect and share actionable content on ways to make a living online, for people after the creativity and freedom only a laptop lifestyle provides. There’s not one perfect way to do this, and different tactics will suit different niches and personalities. Running an online business takes dedication and hard work, so this is only for you if you are passionate about what you do and the lifestyle it will provide.

Wishing You All The Best Of Luck!

What Is A Passive Income?

To avoid all confusion with regards to the phrasing “passive income”, it is by no means a “get rich quick” scheme, but refers to any income that is made via an online business with the use of automation to maximise profit.

So in other words whatever the nature of your business, the “passive income flow” will be the result of a digital system that you have set up to reach your target audience, which once fully functioning only requires minimal input.

To give you an idea of the structure, all online businesses require the following three things to function:

#1 Platform: Aka a website where customers can find you.
#2 Product: This can be your own or someone else’s you resell for a commission.
#3 Traffic: Aka advertising to get the right people to visit your site.

Why Go Passive?

Starting an offline business usually requires a pretty hefty investment, and even though you may have that perfect idea, if you don’t have the money to invest it’s never getting off the ground. With online businesses however, that’s not the case. You rarely need a huge investment, and with only a few hundred quid, you can set up your business and start attracting dream clients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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